Saturday, 15 August 2015

You've Been Framed

Last month our little boy had his first professional photo session and it was with the lovely Natasha at New Era Photography.

I absolutely adore every photo she took and I wanted to display them as quickly as I could.

This Hanging Polaroid Photo Frame project made it possible...
I bought a £3 framed image from my local Country Baskets store, simply because I love the frame.
Using PicMonkey, I made each of my 12 images into a polaroid (see the 'Frames' section)
I printed all polaroid images on to photo paper as 'Wallet Size'
Using a knife and craft mat, I cut out each polaroid image
I removed the existing image from my frame and using drawing pins, I attached 3 pieces of twine to the frame
Finally, using small pegs/clothespins, I evenly attached each image to the twine
A perfect way to display many images in one space

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